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Crazy Hair Issues

Hi my name is Heather and I have crazy hair issues.  There I said it.  It’s out there.  Actually if you know me you know this isn’t breaking news at all.  I have had crazy hair since I was a toddler.


Now I am all grown up and yes I am still trying to tame these curls.  These days I bring out the big gun… oh yeah, the flat iron!  I know, I know, you think I shouldn’t be doing that, I should be thankful for my beautiful curls ya-da-ya-da….  Uggghhh the things that people have been telling me for years!  Sometimes I wonder if these same people really understand the drama that occurs every morning as I try and make myself presentable for the real world.  The thing is straightening curls that like to be curly takes time, lots of time.  Back in my couch potato days this really wasn’t a huge deal, but lately this has been a big problem.  Now that I am working out daily and sweating more than I even knew was possible I have to battle the question of …. To Shampoo or Not To Shampoo?   If I shampoo then I have to take the time to straighten my hair again.  As if I have time for that,  I barely have time for my workout.

I am not about to let my crazy hair issues keep me from getting fit though.  Nope not today, not any day.  Hair beware, I am on a mission!


Yesterday I took the kids shopping to one of our favorite stores (can you name the store this aisle belongs to?).  We made a beeline to the shampoo aisle and began the big hunt, the hunt for dry shampoo. Oh yeah, that’s right I said dry shampoo.  Have you heard of this stuff?  I have only recently heard of it. I think it is like a fitness persons magic trick.  You know one they must never reveal.  Well I am the newbie and I don’t know all the rules, so I am about to reveal the magic of this shampoo in a can.  Please don’t go telling on me.


EUREKA! We found a few.  I would have held them all but I think I would have needed a few more arms.  There were so many choices.  Who knew?  So how does one choose?  Seriously I am calling on all of you who have dry shampoo knowledge.  There are cans for $6 and there are cans for $25 with many priced in between.  So are they all pretty much the same?  Is it just the brand that you are paying for?  Pretty sure I am going to be experimenting with several different brands to see if you get what you pay for or if it is just the fancy packaging and the brand that costs so much more. I will keep you all posted on my findings.  (pssst…. I would still love to hear your opinions though)


I picked one at random and headed home.  Of course that meant I had to try it out immediately.  You totally saw that coming didn’t you?  It really did take away that post workout feel (I showered but didn’t wash my hair after my workout). As an added bonus it smelled really good and had a nice shine when I finished.

Hip-Hip-Hooray!  For the magical shampoo in a can!  No longer will I have to stand for 45 min to an hour straightening my hair everyday. No longer will I have to sigh when I have no time for the flat iron and have to take my unruly and crazy hair issues out into public places.  Life is good.

Claiming Victory Over Sweaty, Smelly Workout Clothes!

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Today is the day I claim VICTORY!  Victory over these sweaty, smelly workout clothes.   Sweat is a fact of life when you are giving your all to your workouts. There is nothing worse than showing up to workout in  “clean” clothes only to smell that awful sweaty smell from your last workout just 5 minutes in. For the most part I workout alone at home, but I could only imagine how I would feel in a class setting.  I would be less worried about my form and very concerned that everyone around me could smell what I was smelling.  Ewwwww! 

It can feel great to peel the wet clingy clothes off and then hop in the shower to get that lingering smell off of us, but what do we do with the clothes?  Do you toss them on the floor?  Do you do as your mom always said and put your dirty clothes in the hamper?

Piled on the floorIf that’s what you are doing then I beg of you … STOP.   You need to pick them up off the floor and don’t put them in the hamper. You can totally blame me when your mom gets upset with you.  Just don’t do it.  If you leave those damp clothes piled up some seriously gross things can happen, like mildew and mold spores… in your clothes. YUCK!   Take just  few extra minutes turn those clothes inside-out  and hang those stinky shirts and shorts up to dry if you don’t have time to wash them right away.

Hanging them to dry post workout isn’t the magic solution but it is a step in the right direction.  Next on the to do list is to soak the clothes in some water and vinegar.  That’s right vinegar.  It’s like magic when it comes to sweaty, smelly clothes.   Baking Soda works too but vinegar is what I have on hand when it comes to things by the cup full.

Soak SmellyClothes for an hour





























I let mine soak in cool water since the clothes I workout in are specialty fabrics for athletic wear.  If you are wearing  some basic shorts and t-shirts go for the hot water. I usually let mine soak while I have a load of my non-workout clothes in the wash.  I would think if you aren’t doing another load of laundry 30 – 60 minutes would be fine.  When you are ready to toss them in the wash ring out them out and wash in the warmest water okay for your fabrics.  Again I go with the cold setting for mine but it really depends on the fabric of your clothes.  Don’t add a ton of detergent and fabric softeners are a big no-no!  Whoa, what did she just say?   Yep, less is more in this case.  Detergents and fabric softeners can leave a coating on the fabric and then the water can’t get in to do its job.  You know the one where it magically removes the awful smell left from that workout you totally don’t regret doing – that job.

Last but not least avoid that dryer.  Too much heat can mess with the super water wicking powers of your athletic wear.  When that happens it won’t pull the moisture in and away from your body.  So go straight from the washing machine to the laundry line and hang those clothes.  If that isn’t an option for you then the dryer is okay but make sure you use a cool setting.

These DaysOnce they are dry then that magic laundry fairy comes along and folds the clothes and puts them away.  No?  Drats, I really thought that was how this whole laundry thing worked.  Sigh… I guess it is still up to us to do that.  I really hope that this helps any sweat filled smelly situations you may be encountering with your workout clothes.  I would hate to think someone stopped their workouts because they didn’t know there really was a way to claim victory over sweaty, smelly workout clothes.

Day 24 Really is a BIG DEAL!

Day 24 of PiYO and I haven’t missed a workout yet.  24 days may not seem like a big deal but this is beyond huge for me.  I usually last a whole whoppin’ 14 days (if that) and then I start to miss a workout here and there, until I am no longer working out.  This is the cycle I have been on for the past decade or so.  Sound familiar?

Today I had to convince myself to not take the day off.  I had to deal with all kinds of issues that I could have used as excuses.  I just refused to go there.  This workout was going to happen even if I had to go to the store and buy new batteries for the remote!  Seriously what happened to televisions that you could still work without a remote control? Thankfully I knew where we hide the batteries in the house.  What? You don’t have a battery stash?  We have too many gadgets and gizmos for the kids not to have a stash. I pushed play, took a deep breath, and got into workout mode.  30 minutes later dripping in sweat and feeling empowered I declared a victory!  Workout DONE!

Today’s workout was called Buns. So you might be thinking squats, squats, and more squats… yep.  I was delighted to discover it wasn’t all squats though.  Nope, Chalene (the trainer) adds in several other moves to help strengthen and stretch the lower body.  She kept me moving and never did I get bored with any of the moves.  Chalene can make a half hour seem like ten minutes.  I couldn’t believe it went by that fast!  Looking at me however you would have thought I had put in at least 60 min of total cardio.  I was pretty smelly and proud of it.

CONFESSION:  I haven’t been as awesome nutrition wise this past week.  That is an area I have a really hard time with.  I kicked the soda habit and have a renewed love of water.  That’s not the issue.  I just have a hard time saying no to foods I know I shouldn’t be eating.  Granted I don’t eat as much of them as I used to and my portions are much smaller.  I just know I still have a long way to go in the land of clean eating. Some changes are harder than others.  I am working on it, I will conquer my addiction to sugar and processed foods. I will!  I mean the processed stuff doesn’t even taste that good to me, it’s just easy. Plain and simple it’s easy.  Tips and tricks on making fresh food quick and easy would be greatly appreciated.

I love doing things with others.  It helps to keep everyone motivated.  The more the merrier ya know, so pop on over and join in on the fun.

Okay time to rest up… tomorrow’s workout is called Drench. Yeah, kind of scared.